View Full Version : Piano/Violin remix

08-13-2010, 02:43 PM
Hola McForumites!

As some of you know, Lastrite and I are finishing up my band's album for "Of Former Fame" after getting signed by an indie label. It's about done but I was thinking of adding a special track to it...

Specifically, I really want a piano/violin remix of Elemental. The idea would be similar to Breaking Benjamin's Diary of Jane acoustic song.

The problem is I don't play piano. Or violin actually. I can program it in MIDI but not knowing how to play piano will likely result in some things in MIDI that wouldn't happen in real life, similar to a 10 handed drummer for example... I'm not sure when to use the sustain pedal and all that. I don't have any good synths for either.

Lastrite suggested I ask YOU guys to see if anyone wants to pitch in somehow.


Any advice would be great.
Playing would be great.
Any thoughts in general on how to make it not suck would be great.