View Full Version : overall opinion of these two tracks / mixes ?

09-24-2010, 08:49 AM

music section

my first home produced tracks using reaper 3

any advice welcome

thanks a lot


09-24-2010, 09:44 AM
To me the vocals could be brought up slightly especially in the verses. Or, possibly, some processing to bring it out more.

I like your bass sounds. How did you record / process those? They sit well in the mix.

I like the drums and especially the ride sounds in the 2nd song but not the crashes so much. How were the drums done?

The overall feel of the 2nd song is pretty cool - nice job.

09-24-2010, 10:05 AM
Prefer the second track to the first, although the first has a slightly retro feel. Here's some pointers:

track 1:

- tighten up things a bit rhythmically: 1. the drums, particularly a few of the kicks and the odd fill, 2. the string pad note-on's, attacks and chord transitions, electric/rhythm guitar strumming.
- Ambitious, but maybe lose the strings for the beginning of the buildup sections and use plucked strings with broken chords instead.
- Perhaps choose a slightly less boxy sound for the rhythm guitar. Is the rhythm guitar recorded stereo?
- the bassline has what sounds like a few wrong notes here and there - in bar 3 of each group in the chorus, the first note in the run that leads up to the key change, and the first notes of bar 3 of the verse. It may be that the line works in isolation but its clashing with something else in the mix.
- nice guitar solo break and sound.
- think about playing with the dynamics of the drums, particularly in different sections of the arrangement. Maybe a different snare for the laid back sections or possibly some rims.

track 2:

- tighten up the timing of the opening piano runs and the chorus chords.
- perhaps a little more / different verb on the piano will help to sit it in the mix. Also a richer piano sound could work better for this type of track.
- guitar solo section a little over-effected and a little high in the mix. try rolling off the top end on the verb / delay. The ending of the first guitar solo section cuts very suddenly.
- perhaps bring the bass up a touch in the mix and add some compression.

Tracks are growing on me, keep it up :)