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tronul 05-12-2018 04:25 AM

loading projects
Hi everyone, sorry for my English.
Since I loaded last version, I have some difficulties. While loading projects, most midifiles, 'cause I begin with Reaper, I sometimes get the message :
When I'm lucky and can open one of the projects I was working on, the midi display shows "NOT CONNECTED" INSTEAD OF THE MIDI NOTES.

I rescanned all my VSTI and some are not working anymore.

Thanks for your kind help.

Best Regards

(I'm 65 old and since the 80's I didn't work on DAWS, Notator and ATARI)

ivansc 06-05-2018 10:07 AM

Sorry but you posted in the (aka Spam Trap)
.Re-post it in the main General Forum

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