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vanhaze 08-23-2016 01:51 PM

Totally unusable on Macbook Retina OSX 10.11
Just downloaded and installed Licecap 1.25, on my macbook retina 2015, OSX 10.11.6.
Screen resolution macbook retina (default) : 2880:1800

Made a few very little gifs with it.
Totally unusable : the gifs are blurry, scrambled image.
Only black & white output, no colors.

Looking for a good alternative gif maker for the time being.

Pet 08-23-2016 04:34 PM

Hi vanhaze,
"ScreenToGif" could help you out...

Xenakios 08-23-2016 05:11 PM

Seems to work here with OS-X 10.11.6, Macbook Pro, late 2013 model...

What did you use to view the resulting gif-files? I tested with Google Chrome.

vanhaze 08-23-2016 08:34 PM

Thanks guys for helping me.

@ Pet, i just noticed that Screenflow 6, which i bought awhile ago, has .gif export capability.
I made a small .gif with it and it looks ok in Quicktime Player 7.

@ Xenakios: I used Quicktime Player 7 for playing the gifs,made in Licecap.
I just made another gif with Licecap, played it in Chrome and whatta u know ; it just works :0)
It looks even better than a .gif made in Screenflow 6.
Never thought of previewing it with Chrome, thanks for the tip !

I am very sorry to have blamed Licecap ; seems that Quicktime Player 7 just can't handle .gifs well,
which are made in Licecap.

cyrano 08-24-2016 12:40 AM

Wasn't QT Player 7 an old version that's not even Retina compatible?

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