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schwa 08-19-2015 06:59 AM

The Issue Tracker has been deprecated
Hello REAPER users,

We have deprecated the online REAPER Issue Tracker.

It is much more useful for us to discuss bug reports and feature requests conversationally in the user forums. Unfortunately the signal-to-noise ratio in the issue tracker was very low for various reasons, many of which are our (the developers') responsibility.

The issue tracker will remain online as a useful repository of information, and you can link to issues and of course discuss them in the forums, but posting new issues and comments in the tracker has been disabled. It is not fair to users to create the expectation that every issue report will be responded to in a timely and consistent manner by the developers.

Active bugs and feature requests in the tracker were already being discussed in the forums anyway. Please continue to discuss them! With the closing of the issue tracker, we expect that our involvement and responsiveness in the forums will increase.

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