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yesyeah 10-22-2017 10:33 AM

Export from PT (6.4) in to Reaper - Problems
I had abandoned everything and finally getting back to it 5 years later. Issue is I have a ton of stuff on a G4 with ProTools 6.4. The computer has no space and performance issues (can't even get on wifi for some reason) and need to migrate ALL the songs's tracks, export them from PT so I can import them to Reaper on a mac mini.

I managed to do it a couple times back when I tried 5 years ago - but I either can't remember how to do it or something's not working. I looked through the form and I remembered something about highlighting the regions etc. I tried the process of the quick keys but not all of them worked - so "Export" is NEVER available for me to use.

So this is a 2 fold question:

1. How can definitively export ProTools sessions so all the tracks are separated, and then import them into another machine that has reaper on it?

2. If I can get that to work, will it allow me to export into an external drive so I can just then later plug that into the new mac mini with reaper and import from there?

Apologies in advance if this was covered elsewhere, but I can't find a solution on here that works with my situation.

andyp24 10-27-2017 01:31 AM

Not a free solution, but AATranslator will do this for you very effectively, as well as converting between countless other formats.

vdubreeze 10-27-2017 05:48 PM

I always found the earlier versions of PT that had exporting as OMF to be pretty iffy.

If you don't mind losing automation it's dead simple to dupe the files in each track into a single file for each, starting at the same location. Then drag all into Reaper and when it asks if you want them on a single track or separate click the latter, and that's it. And slap new plugins on them.

If they have volume automations that you absolutely need you can bounce two tracks (or one stereo) at a time and as long as you give every bounce the same start you just drag them in. But duping (without automation/change to the original file) and dragging into new DAW is a much better way to go.

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