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Mix window style FX inserts and sends visible in TCP Issue Tools
issueid=2562 05-30-2010 10:24 AM
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Mix window style FX inserts and sends visible in TCP

Allow the option to display inserts and sends in TCP the same way they are available in the mix window

Currently, the mix window allows you to easily view all of your FX on each track and click them to immediately float them, bypassing the need for the FX Chain window. Clicking an empty slot brings up the FX browser to quickly add a new effect. Right clicking brings up a context menu with several options, including the ability to add FX completely bypassing the FX chain/browser window completely.

You can also view your sends in much the same manner, where the slots also have their own context menu.

This feature request is a request to bring the same functionality to the TCP, as 2 optional columns that would be nested between the current TCP and the arrange window.

How this looks in other DAWs:

Very rough mockup of how this could look in REAPER (imagine another column for sends as well, togglable of course):

This would function exactly the same way as the slots do in the mix window, and the columns could easily be toggled on or off in the View menu for example, with two options called "Show FX inserts in TCP" and "Show track sends in TCP".

These slots would be visible in all track heights, with more slots being available as the track height is stretched.

This feature would greatly enhance the workflow of those of us who work more or less exclusively in the arrange view. All of the features available in the mix window are already available in the arrange view except the FX slots and send slots, so completing the available functionality in the arrange view gives us complete control over REAPER from a mixing and editing standpoint all from one window.

Discussion Thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=55631
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Suggested Version 3.52
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