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FREEZE - per track with one button Issue Tools
issueid=2673 06-27-2010 03:51 PM
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FREEZE - per track with one button
Save CPU for mixing by freezing your instruments and effects in to audio

Here is the discussion thread for this feature request.
FREEZE - per track with one button
  • One button on each track(visible/not visible prefs setting), a nice snowflake perhaps.
  • Track is rendered in to a stem. Default is stereo.
  • That stem file is locked. I can be copied, but not edited on the track.
  • Rendering is performed before the track-volume/pan/mute automation, but post-fx.
  • Rendering is performed to the project end.
  • Effects are taken offline
  • Selected tracks can be frozen with SHIFT+click
  • Freeze button changes to a flame button when track is frozen.
  • Optional "Are you sure?" box for freezing with information about rendering time if possible.
  • Optional "Are you sure?" box for unfreezing/thawing a track.
  • Unchanged thawed tracks can be refrozen in time it takes to offline the effects.
  • Popup dialog if channel count is more than two. It could be a sidechain that nobody wants to render to an audio file, or the multi-channel output of a plugin, or multi-channel items on the track itself. It all needs to be taken in to account. (Thanks Tim)

  • The resulting audio files are stored in a dedicated folder in the project directory. "Frozen Audio Files" is my suggestion.

A basic freeze function. Let's start with that for the really heavy-cpu stuff, like ACE and Omnisphere.

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Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
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Priority 2
Suggested Version 3.63
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Users who would use this feature 154
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