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New MIDI Editor reuse mode - "Reuse MIDI editor automatically" Issue Tools
issueid=2739 07-17-2010 02:51 PM
Human being with feelings
New MIDI Editor reuse mode - "Reuse MIDI editor automatically"

Inspired by the speed of workflow in these videos:


As far as I figured in those videos, Sonar perceives all MIDI items on one track as parts of ONE piano roll for the whole track - all parts are visible at all times in the piano roll, and you don't have to select a single item to edit in it. Reaper falls short from this behavior, and it slows down the workflow in the piano roll tremendously because of it.

Reaper can have this easily - currently we have "Reuse MIDI editor for other items", but we need to double-click on the other item to show it in the same ME. Perhaps there could be a new option called "Reuse MIDI editor automatically", which would add all MIDI items on the track to one MIDI editor, without double-clicking on each individual item.

The visual difference. This is how Reaper currently handles multiple MIDI items reused in one editor:


And this is my proposal on how should this new reuse mode look and behave:


Notice how you can see the actual item boundaries, but you can edit them all at the same time. THIS IS IMPORTANT: we should be able to cut, copy and paste the MIDI data BETWEEN the visible items in the editor!

How to approach the problem when several MIDI items have a different amount of takes? I suggest only the currently selected take is shown in the MIDI editor, and there should be actions to switch to previous/next take for the currently focused item in the MIDI editor (I presume this poses some complications).

What say ye?

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01-31-2011 12:59 AM
Human being with feelings
E.D. - came here via the OTHER thread.


I see what you are getting at but I suspect we are likely to get more notice taken of the (excuse me) more eloquent explanation of what is missing in the other thread.

No flame intended here, buddy.
06-25-2012 12:32 PM
Human being with feelings
a toogle button to switch between normal behaviour of having to double click other items to activate those and a mode to edit all at once would be nice.

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