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Single-Step Crash Recovery and User Definable # of Backup Files Issue Tools
issueid=2957 09-13-2010 02:16 PM
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Single-Step Crash Recovery and User Definable # of Backup Files
A quick way to resume your work after a crash

Crashes are a fact of life with any sufficiently complex program. Although Reaper is far more stable than many other DAWs, crash recovery is more frustrating and time consuming than it needs to be.

Compare the LICEcap of Reaper's current crash recovery implementation, with Sony Vegas, Ableton and Cubendo:

Sony Vegas:

Ableton Live:


and if you click no:

Reaper's current crash recovery:

1) Open project. Reaper defaults to some random folder.

2) Manually browse to the folder on your hard drive that has the project you were just working on moments before.

3)Check the date of the last saved .RPP

4)Change the type to RPP-BAK. Which one is the newest?

5) Mess with Windows Explorer folder view options and find the newest backup, making sure its newer than the last saved .RPP

6) Resave the file as an RPP because backup files are treated like unsaved projects, and should the project crash again it will have no backup.

This should be a seamless one step process. Upon startup Reaper should check if it crashed previously and automatically offer to resume the newest backup of the last project being worked on.

The second part of the request is to have a user definable number of backup files and have Reaper overwrite the oldest. There is no reason to have 100 backup files cluttering the project directory as the default behaviour, two or three should be sufficient for most people and those that want more can easily change the setting as desired.

Thanks for your consideration. :)

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