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issueid=3105 12-03-2010 02:03 AM
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Midi Editor Navigator
Complete overview of all the items of the track.

With reuse mode in the midi editor you often have to go back to the track and double-click on items to edit them.
What about adding an optional navigator at the bottom of the midi editor with a complete overview of all the items of the track with all notes visible like one complete score.

mockup :

* Drag the view window to go left/right and up/down on the whole track, resize the view by dragging the borders.
* Ctrl / Shift click items to activate and deactivate them for edition. Clicking on a note would still activate the item (current Reaper behaviour).
* Vertical lines should signify item boundaries.
* Perhaps a right-click on items in the navigator could open the item menu (to select takes for example).

* That would allow to use the midi editor in fullscreen instead of having to keep the actual track visible on the screen to see where you are and select items.
* Simultaneous edition of multiple items even very far from one another (change octave, change channel, etc).
* An easier way to navigate into lengthy midi items, or items going through a lot of octaves, without having to zoom out to have an overview of the item.

Originally Posted by mikeroephonics View Post
It would be cool if you could Glue the MIDI media items in the bottom Navigator in this mockup. It would render a new MIDI item just like it would in Arrange View with Glue (shift+g).

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