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Per plugin slot M/S endoding/decoding Issue Tools
issueid=3257 02-20-2011 11:55 AM
Human being with feelings
Per plugin slot M/S endoding/decoding
Mid/Side encoding decoding

That should be fairly simple to implement.
There's already a dry/wet knob, very usefull in the plugin toolbar window.
It would be nice to have a M/S processing checkbox so that when checked, stereo channels sent into the actual plugin are M/S instead of L+R and decoded back to L+R after the fx have been applied.

Not so many plugs can be switched internally to m/s mode so I think it would really be a nice one

It would also be very usefull to be able to specify M/S encoding and decoding in the routing matrix.
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Suggested Version 3.73
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04-28-2012 11:33 PM
Human being with feelings
I know, it's the one it's the one I'm using as a workaround.
The thing is that it makes you use 3 plugins for 1. 1 encoder, the plugin you want to use in M/S and 1 decoder.
I think that's a lot of trouble for something that could be a checkbox near your plugin's wet/dry knob.

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