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issueid=3404 06-16-2011 06:16 AM
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EuCon support
Controllers of great diversity and good to excellent quality

Please visit this discussion thread to post your comments, ideas and complaints.

This is currently being implemented and tested, and YOU can join the fun too in this thread

EuCon support in Reaper

What is EuCon

It is a hardware controller protocol, managed by a central application running on your computer, on either Mac or PC.

EuCon devices are connected to the host via ethernet cables. Since they use the IP protocol the devices can be hooked up to your router or any other device that functions as a switch on your network.

The fader resolution is 1024 steps in most cases, and all the controllers feature touch sensitive knobs, faders or even touchscreens.

Configuration of the controllers can be controlled per application, and EuCon controllers can do much more than just interface with DAWs. Their buttons can be set to send keycommands as well. Everything on the controller is configurable via the EuCon software. That makes setups more flexible and portable.


Controller resolution. Speed.

Faster and easier to support.

Comes with its own configuration software. Reaper only needs to support commands and not worry about managing controller resources for multiple layers of functionality.

EuCon controllers available at this time :

Avid Artist series - Mix , Control , Transport , Colour(three trackballs)

Euphonix System 5 MC

The feature list from the Avid website:
  • High-speed Ethernet networked control including Gigabit Ethernet
  • High-resolution (16bit) fader & knob control
  • Control includes EUCON, HUI & Mackie Control Protocols
  • EUCON transports trackball & keyboard over Ethernet simplifying cabling
  • MacOS and PC Compatibility
  • Controls multiple workstations & applications simultaneously
  • Control switches to match software application
  • Support from industry-leading applications including major digital audio workstations.
  • Allows hardware surface direct access to software application command sets
  • Allows DAW plug-in control from channel strips
  • Supports multi-format metering, EQ & Pan curve displays with EUCON aware software applications
  • Works with Euphonix Artist Series


Get the SDK. Scott Stillwell is trying. Please help him, or hire him or do whatever you can to make this happen.

Applying for the SDK is available on this page of the Avid website.

Future Benefits

More and more people are getting Avid Artist series controllers because of their small footprint on the desk, the decent quality of the faders, switches, touch-sensitive knobs, trackballs and touchscreens.

Not only that but Icon controllers may very well be EuCon compatible in the future. Avid has commented on this possiblity, and thus another range of already present controllers in many studios will become usable with Reaper. They're trying to expand the market for their hardware because Nuendo is spreading, and more workstations are supporting EuCon every year.

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10-09-2011 07:47 AM
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Please post your discussion in the Discussion thread in the feature request forum.

Admins, please move this stuff out if you wish.

Nick, I'm posting my repsonse in that thread.

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