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PROGRAM EVENTS -> triggers for Actions List Issue Tools
issueid=3486 08-11-2011 04:30 AM
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PROGRAM EVENTS -> triggers for Actions List
Instead of only having mouse, midi or keyboard tirgger an action, also allow certain program events to trigger an action too.

At the moment we have a great tool: the action list. It allows us to customize reaper in so many ways. I want to propose a way to extend and improve the action list though, to allow us to customize reaper further, while still keeping the simplicity the action list currently has.

When defining a trigger for an action, currently you can use a keyboard, mouse or midi message. But wouldn't it be great if you could also use program events to trigger an action.

For example, for the action "Envelopes: show active envelopes for selected tracks" you could set the trigger "On Track Select". This would mean that when you select a track it's envelopes would appear beneath it. You could then set "On Track unSelect" to hide the track envelopes once you clicked off the track. For me this would be great as I always end up with loads of envelopes that are rarely used. That's just an example though, there are many other ways this could be useful.

The list of program events would obviously be pretty huge if all events were added. But then again so is the action list. This could be solved by having a filter/search on the event triggers like the action list has.

Just think of the possibilities... it would open up a huge realm of tweaks to improve workflow.

Please vote!

Discussion here: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=85392
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