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Custom Buttons With Actions Issue Tools
issueid=3723 10-31-2011 07:14 PM
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Custom Buttons With Actions
Place your custom made button on the tcp, mcp, transport, etc. and assign an action to it.

Hi Reaper users.
Ever wanted to have your own custom button on the track and mixer control panels, transport, media items, and assign an action to them? Well, that's what this request is. It was mentioned on day one of the first alpha-release of V4.

Maybe it could be possible with Walter. Here's what was mentioned.
Originally Posted by schwa View Post
And, in the awesome world, WALTER would also let you put action controls on the tracks, so the theme designer could give you a button for "inspect this track" (which the user could reassign to do whatever, or remove the button).
Originally Posted by Bernstraw View Post
Awesome ! Now what about custom panel buttons ?
Imagine this : You add a png named mcp_custom1.png in your theme, and in WALTER you write :
set mcp.custom1 [8 43 29 20 0 0 0 0] CmdID=40113
That would add a custom button triggering the action 40113 (toggle maximum track height).
Now that would be the best GUI ever.
So basically it could be:

my button 1.png = action
my button 2.png = action

Another possibility would be to place your custom button where you want, and right click on it, and assign action.

Imagine the possibilities....

And of course all this would be optional.

Please add your thoughts in the discussion thread.
Discussion thread is here .... http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=86084
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Suggested Version 4.11
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