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Crackling/Static/Pops...Echo Audiofire 4 - only Reaper Issue Tools
issueid=3861 01-07-2012 10:45 AM
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Crackling/Static/Pops...Echo Audiofire 4 - only Reaper
I am experiencing Crackling/Static similar to what one expect from the buffer being set too low.... This issue only exists in Reaper.

Ive used my Echo Audiofire4 without issue for a few years now. Recently I attempted recording some acoustic stuff using the Audiofire and Reaper. Upon listening to the recording there were a ton of obvious pops and crackles, clicks and noise. I dont experience this in Adobe Audition. I also tried recording direct via different guitar and cable...same thing. It plays back other tracks fine.... But it seems to be an issue with recording. I also tried adjusting the latency time...no effect.

Any ideas. I also wiped my system and reloaded everything....
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04-12-2012 03:08 PM
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Sorry for the trouble! Please post bugs/help requests in the appropriate forums first, not here in the issue tracker (a database for confirmed REAPER bugs). If you still have this issue, can you repost this in the forums for further investigation, please? Thanks!

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