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Crash on dragging in png or bmp images Issue Tools
issueid=4087 04-08-2012 05:43 AM
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Crash on dragging in png or bmp images
Serious crash on dragging in images from desktop to a track

I made some chord name-and-note images of varying sizes in Paint.Net (80 -> 130-ish wide, 40-ish high, 32 bit, tried both.png and .bmp)

After dragging a few of these these images to an otherwise 'empty' track, Reaper totally hung. This happened three times in a row. Had to shut down with task manager. It works for first the first few dragged in. Most of the images were 'odd' widths - not multiples of 4 or 8 or anything as code friendly. I can provide them if you wish.

I was adjusting the width of the 'items' created, and the height of the track, to make them display as well as possible. ('do not scale' and alignment options would be useful BTW - non-scaling / top left aligned is what I really need for this)

I was running on XP.

Another time it hung it was after I into the 'image' item properties to see if I could set the alignment. I had dragged in one image. These is a dialog that set rotational transforms which does nothing. It hung on exit from this, so I re-did my images as BMPs, re-started and just dragged them in, adjusting the track height and item width and nothing else. It hung when I went to drag an image in the fifth time.
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04-08-2012 05:47 AM
Super Moderator (no feelings)
Sorry for the trouble! Please post bugs/help requests in the appropriate forums first, not here in the issue tracker (a database for confirmed REAPER bugs). Can you repost this in the forums for further investigation, please?

Also, please check this thread


about crashes and crash logs. Thanks!

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