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issueid=4106 04-21-2012 06:38 AM
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Item FX Sends
To have the ability to use sends on indivudual items

Coming from Samplitude i was very glad to see Take FX in Reaper, now I am wondering if we can extend the workflow with items.

First of all I'd like to call the existing
Take FX = Item FX inserts
because for me it makes more sense to call them this way when talking about item FX sends

What is it:

Item FX sends are for me co-existent to item FX inserts (which reaper has right now). With item FX sends we could send various items to the same or different instance of a reverb, delay or anything you can put on a normal track. It's the same thing than having track inserts and sends but on an item level (but here our item sends are routed to a track housing a plugin)


Imagine we have a CPU hungry instance of Altiverb, we work on an item based approach and we cannot afford to load new instances of Altiverb as new item fx inserts (as we wouldn't do on a track approach) we want to do several crossfades between objects to have a cool wet dry ratio.

look how Kraznet, a very active Samplitude and Sequoia guy is using item FX sends in the beginning (here items are called objects ):


This all is on an item level and can be impressive fast.


This will keep our CPU low, and can be a really quick way to put an send on a single item.

Where to put:

I would put that feature somewhere in the Media Item Properties besides the take FX


I think the routing could be better than in Samplitude. If we could see the the receives of the items in the track I/O settings (the track housing our plugin(s) we want to send to) like the normal track receives we have an mighty way of handling things.

Who would use it:

It think this is mostly for Sound Designers, Game Soundies, but will also find place in normal mixing situations as in various situations this is faster than automation curves. (instead of automation we can do a crossfade).

Additional i'd like to post some words on this by Airon:

I'm actually in favour of having this be available only if the user has created a send, and thus the item-send becomes a sort of additional layer of send automation on top of the existing envelope.

Thus, creating sends must be available in the item properties themselves for this to be as quick an operation as possible. Any send created this way must be "-inf dB" by default for the underlying envelope it creates, and a default value specfied in the preferences for the item-send level(which is kind of a trim in this case).

You may wish to include these actions in your request :
Coalesce item send level in to send envelope
This appears in the context menu of the MCP insert entry, FX Chain entry, Envelope Control Panel and in a context menu of the item send in the item properties perhaps.

And Evil Dragon:

Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
We could have a new item button to help us with this! See mockup:

Easy, no? :)

Discussion Thread http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=96588
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