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Mixermaps for hardware FX /Synths Issue Tools
issueid=4112 04-22-2012 08:53 PM
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Mixermaps for hardware FX /Synths

Looking around me seeing some older FX units and keyboards that have midi ports, I remember the days of Cubase VST 5 of the Mixermaps.

MIxermaps are instrument definitions of your hardware,

Let's say I have a synth, I take a picture of it and edit in photoshop the buttons and what not, import that into cubase VST and I then can use midi learn to map the functions of the synth ( Parameters I mean).

Is there any way this could ever come back to Daw's?

Mixermaps existed because not much VSTi's existed at that time

But it's like our older hardware has been left out to dry
We have Midiquest available but that has not much hardware support anyways

Reaper Developers, please take a look at this post.
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