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Apply Track FX... broken if playback rate other than 1.0. Issue Tools
issueid=4133 05-04-2012 01:16 AM
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Apply Track FX... broken if playback rate other than 1.0.
When Applying Track FX to items, their pitch gets screwed if playback rate is set to other than 1.0.

Steps to reproduce:
- Set playback rate to 2.0.
- Right click the slider and check "Preserve pitch..."
- Apply track FX to an item.
- Play.

The pitch of the item is now down one whole octave.

Edit: Just to clarify: If the playback rate is set to 1.083, the pitch goes down about a half note (language barrier: I mean semitone, 1/12 of an octave), so the pitch correction is doubled, sort of.

Unchecking "Preserve pitch when changing rate" before Applying FX, and checking it back on right after is a temporary solution for the issue.
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