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Saving Note Names Map with FX-Chain Issue Tools
issueid=4508 12-01-2012 06:32 AM
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Saving Note Names Map with FX-Chain

IŽd like to request the possibility to save a note names map along with the fx-chain and that these note names get loaded automatically for the track when that fx-chain is inserted on a track.

- Saving note names is already possible by saving a track as a template, but this process is very intricate and involves too many steps. Also, it is not possible to switch between diffent instruments (and the corresponding note names) easily, if a complete mix with tracks, sends, ... is already set up.

- Saving a note name map along with an fx-chain would give the user the ability to set up different note names maps with the same instrument, i.e. for different drum patches or instruments with different key switches in Kontakt.

So I suggest a drop down box at the top of the fx window (like in the picture) where a note name map can be specified for that fx instance. the settings one makes in the drop down box should get saved, when this fx instance get saved as an fx-chain.

i think of the following entries in that drop down menu:

load note names (browse)
save names with chain (checkbox)
names with piano roll (checkbox) - should the names appear on the piano roll?
default note shapes (sub menu with checkboxes) - which note shapes with the map?

For the case that two fx-chains with different note names get inserted on the track, then the last chain with names gets to name the notes. so if one wants to try another instrument, one can just bypass the currently used instrument and drop another on the track and can instantly examine the notes in the midi editor for the new instrument.
After that, if an instrument gets bypassed, the note names could be hided. so, two rules could be created for this event:

1. the last (active) fx with names map on a track gets to name the notes.
2. when an fx gets bypassed (or deactivated) the note names disappear

Ok, that would be it for now.
Thanks und please consider this, i think this would benefit a lot of Reaper Users.


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Issue Type Feature Request
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Suggested Version 4.30
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