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API: buggy TrackFX_NavigatePresets() Issue Tools
issueid=4935 09-19-2013 02:24 PM
API: buggy TrackFX_NavigatePresets()
TrackFX_NavigatePresets() seems to depend on the focused/displayed FX window (?)

TrackFX_NavigatePresets() can switch to unexpected presets.

Repro steps (Win XP, REAPER v4.51):
Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
1) The "Trigger next preset for FX n of selected tracks" actions have the following problem.

How to reproduce:
1) Add two effects to a track.
2) Set the preset of FX-1 to a preset other than the first one(something like preset 5).
3) Select FX-2 and hit the Run button two times quickly for the action "Trigger next preset for FX-1 of selected tracks".
4) Switch back to FX-1 and you'll notice that it has been set to the first preset.

Notes: This does not happen if you have FX-1 selected.., you can hit the Run buttton quickly as many times as you want and the preset changes correctly.
I also tested this using the ReaConsole and sending an OSC command for that action by holding Shift and clicking Enter twice quickly and I received the same result.

"Trigger previous preset for FX n of selected tracks" has a similar problem.., except it sets the preset to the last one.
^^ Anton9 is talking about S&M actions (which are based on TrackFX_NavigatePresets()) but you can repro this bug with the 2 reascripts I've attached here.
The 2 scripts switch to the next/previous presets of the 1st FX of the 1st selected track. Compared to S&M preset actions, they just contain a straight call to TrackFX_NavigatePresets()
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09-19-2013 02:25 PM
Issue Changed by Jeffos
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