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Automation mode Latch - Loop and Setup options Issue Tools
issueid=5000 12-01-2013 04:53 AM
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Automation mode Latch - Loop and Setup options
Give Latch mode the options to become the most useful mode

Discussion thread

Two options to improve the usefullness of the automation mode Latch.

Current Workflow
I use non-touch-sensitive midi faders and knobs to control send levels on my tracks.

When I need to write a specific value for a send level to a specific area, but want to leave all other automation untouched, I cannot use the WRITE mode. I need to use the LATCH mode.

And that's my first problem. I use soft takeover for these controls so I can, ya know, take over softly. In this case that's not practical, but I can't change the midi control assignments every time I need a different behaviour, so here's the idea.

1) Setting up parameters for writing ahead of rolling transport

Transport is stopped, and I touch and change parameters, with any kind of controller.

Nothing is written for as long as the transport is stopped. Of course these parameter change are lost if I change the playhead position manually.

As soon as transport is rolled (play or record), these values are written to the envelopes of the parameters I had touched and/or changed.
Bonus option:
Automatically touch all activated and armed parameters of a plugin, when I touch one of them. This makes for a clean setting in some cases, if and when the user needs it and does not wish to start from a preset.
Position your cursor a little bit in front of the material you wish to have a different plugin/volume/pan setting for, set it up, even loads plugin presets, and hit play. Only the things you changed are now being written to.
Consequences for the 3 automation writing commands (time selection, To Start, To End)
This request option could let the user just write those touched/changed settings across a time selection or to the start/end of the session, instead of applying to all active and armed parameters with a writing mode activated.

The old behaviour might do well to be relegated to happen only when the the WRITE mode is active, since the WRITE mode behaves exactly like that. The requested option and behaviour described above is how the Latch mode commonly works during the transport playing or recording. This request simply extends that to when the transport is stopped.

2) Keep writing when looping in Latch mode at loop restart
(this part of the request has been implemented)

I'd like to tweak those parameters while looping across an area. Right now this is only possible in WRITE mode, because the LATCH mode begins reading from all envelops as playback swings around the to the beginning of the loop.

For that reason I need the LATCH mode to keep on writing until I stop the transport, even as playback loops.
Right now I need to use WRITE mode, and have to disable all the parameters I do not wish to write to. INn my case that is often the volume, pan or parameters of specific plugins. I would no longer need to perform these management actions and save plenty of creative time.
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