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4.581. All Track Ripple fails with Duplicate Items when Item Grouping is disabled Issue Tools
issueid=5028 12-20-2013 07:10 AM
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4.581. All Track Ripple fails with Duplicate Items when Item Grouping is disabled

Link to 'discussion.'

To reproduce. See screenshots below.(SWS installed):
Optionally reset config to factory default-
1. Create 2 new tracks in new project
2. Draw 2 MIDI items on each track
3. Place a marker or 2 following shortly after the first item
4. Turn off Item Grouping toolbar button
5. Turn on Ripple Editing, All Tracks
6. Select first item on 1 track
7. Perform action 'Duplicate items' several times. First ripple of items may or may not be succesful. Items will fail to move on following attempts, as shown in screenshots below. Markers will move.

1. New project. Beats PLR timebase. All track ripple is enabled. Not much has taken place other than what was necessary to produce screenshot.

2.After pressing CONTROL D once. Ripple has taken place.
(side note, not necessarily related to bug. Should the first item on the first track have moved? I don't think so. It would not have if copy/paste had been used instead. See screenshot #4.)

3.After pressing CONTROL D a second time. Markers have rippled, but not items. Selected item has landed on top of unselected item. You won't always get a 'succesful' ripple on the first use of the action. For example, undoing this series of screenshots and trying again results in overlapping item/marker moving behavior immediately.

4.Use of copy/paste instead of duplicate items. This shot included because ripple seems to be based on start position of selected item to be duplicated, rather than the end, as it would be if cursor was placed at the end and copy paste used instead of duplicate items. Copy/paste does not seem to exhibit the buggy behavior with ripple editing.

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Affected Version 4.58
Closed Version 4.73
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09-19-2014 01:29 PM
Issue Changed by Ollie
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