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issueid=5357 09-25-2014 07:51 AM
Human being with feelings
Enhance FX bypass functionality

i would like to propose few enhancements to existing FX bypass functionality.

Bypassing of FX for comparison is one of most common things, I'm doing with any DAW.
Bellow are some things, which, I think, can be very useful in Reaper.
Current situation allows for "clicky" FX bypass using small checkbox on top of floating FX window or using of dry/wet knob if one wants to avoid clicks. Another way is to find bypass button in particular plugin GUI, but this is sometimes missing or at least placed at different places among different plugins. All this could be greatly streamlined, if it will be possible to have "soft" bypass and couple of actions, which can be assigned to keystrokes. So one can concentrate on sound difference and not for visual pixel hunting for bypass switches.

- implement kind of "soft" bypass, which actually don't disable particular FX processing, but blend to unprocessed signal path instead. Similarly like FX dry/wet knob at 0%. So clean path will still retain PDC without any glitching during bypass switching, when using latency compensated plugins. Also it will be very good to do switch between paths using short (eg. 10ms) crossfade for prevention of clicks due to level differences between clean and processed signal path.
Example of DAW, which has implemented this functionality is Studio One, where are two buttons at its FX dialog. One for plugin bypass, second for its deactivation (like current FX bypass in Reaper).
New bypass mode could be used with clicking with additional keyboard modifier eg. alt+shift to either floating FX window checkbox or track insert rectangle at mixer.

- additionaly few new actions can make this bypass really comfortable and powerful.
"Soft bypass toggle for active FX window"
"Soft bypass toggle for all floating FX windows" (this will be neat for comparisons of two opened plugins)

I've already tried to do some of mentioned fuctionality by ReaScript, but it has obviously some limitations (doesn't work with item FXs, can't do crossfades and basically controls dry/wet ratio of last touched FX)

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09-25-2014 07:54 AM
Human being with feelings

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