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MIDI Editor: Improved CC drawing + visualisation Issue Tools
issueid=838 08-04-2009 02:24 PM
Human being with feelings
MIDI Editor: Improved CC drawing + visualisation
Improvements to how CC data is drawn and displayed within the MIDI Editor


The CC editing in Reaper inherits one of the bad manners of modern apps. Disrespect for the grandparents. ;)

I wanted to make a detailed Feature Request about this, mostly so I can shut-up and not mention it again and not annoy others. :) I'll switch between Cubase and Sonar so as not to step on any toes.

Actual drawing and input of MIDI CC data

The main issue I have with Reaper's channel editing is that you have to draw in a messy load of freehand CCs and then 'shape' them with the line tool, rather than being able to just draw optimized lines of CC data off the bat. The current method results in several things, not least difficult editing and also identical values sitting next to each other, which is pointless. Lines should also adjust their density so that identical valued points aren't drawn next to each other.

Also, to keep things clean, the draw can also act as an eraser of sorts, replacing CCs underneath so that new data and corrections can be drawn in an optimized and clean way on top.

Visualisation of CC data

Steinberg Cubase, Imageline FL Studio and Propellerheads REASON have a particularly nice way of displaying controller data.

Rather than stubby blocks, they draw a continues block which is helpful for a number of reasons. Most commonly because if you are programming, say, an instrument in Garritan Orchestra, and have set the timbre low for a melody early on, if you go along the timeline later on and start adding new notes, it's nice to see what affect is being had on the timbre at that point. i.e., to know whether you need a new controller before drawing the new notes which might be loud as apposed to soft.

Or in this example, CC 10, you have a hard/software synth which is receiving PAN information. Early on, we have set the pan somewhat to the right. 50 measures later in our song, we want to add a new melody, but must scan back manually to see what the last CC value was. With the continous block representation, a quick glance is all you need. This is also good for some controllers like portamento, sustain, etc. in various scenarios.

Sorry for my waffling manner of speaking... :)

Discussion thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=60410
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03-03-2011 11:49 AM
Human being with feelings
An important consideration for this request is CC64 (hold pedal).

With the current implementation, this controller needs to be manually re-drawn at the start of every split otherwise the performance is lost.

To test:
  • Record a piano part with the sustain pedal continuously held down.
  • Split the recorded item into multiple pieces.
  • Play back the performance.

Not good.

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