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crash while changing JS presets Issue Tools
issueid=665 07-21-2009 11:51 PM
crash while changing JS presets
crash while changing JS presets

Win XP sp3. v3.06. When changing presets in the attached projet/JS reaper often crashes.
- load attached project
- display the (only) track fx chain
- toggle beween presets "tst" & "tst2" until reaper crashes
(by toggling quickly in the preset dropdown with up/down keys BUT also seen a crash with a single preset change)

Different fault offsets, 2 of them are attached in the zip (.jpg).
The also zip contains: a rpp file (with an mp3 media item), the 'big' JS effect used as well as its .ini preset file ("tst" & "tst2").

I post it straight here 'cause I reproduced it with 2 different PCs.
Note for schwa:
this is the same rpp used for the "remove FX crash", I've edited my post about that, should have done a new post instead...
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Issue Type Closed Issue
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category Audio recording and playback
Status Not a Reaper Bug
Priority 4
Affected Version 3.06
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07-22-2009 12:50 AM
Super Moderator (no feelings)
Confirmed, same crash module/offset on Vista SP2. (Reaper.exe 0x0032379d)

But: It's not that JS effects in general or that 2.2 version of Youn's 8 channel router/mixer are crashing per se when changing presets. I used 8 channel router/mixer 2.2 with some own (nonsense-) presets and left your envelopes active and it didn't crash whatever I tried.

So the nature of the problem is unclear, that may be a bug in the plugin or something in the routing the presets provide that causes the crash.
07-22-2009 02:00 AM
Steindrok, thanks for having a look but - I'm sorry - I don't understand: if it's a NOT a JS bug (as your saying), it's surely a reaper one, isn't ?
[EDIT] and what mean "Awaiting Feedback" ? 'cause I think it deserve a dev look, there're some particular things here: BIG js, lots of sliders, possible slider concurrent updates when loading presets, etc..
07-22-2009 02:26 AM
Super Moderator (no feelings)
I didn't say it's not an JS or Reaper bug, I said the issue doesn't seem to be initially caused by changing presets or even affect changing presets in general as your issue title and content suggests, changing presets itself works fine even with the project and plugin you provided, just not with your presets.

So this points to a whole different issue than the title indicates, and so I had to change the status from "Confirmed" to "Awaiting Feedback", which means just that - it's unclear what the bug really is, needs more investigation. That's why posting bugs in the Bug Reports forum first in order to pinpoint things more thoroughly is recommended in general. However, since there is a reproducible crash offset I assume the right feedback will come pretty fast since regardless of status, priority or poster, the devs do check 100% of all issues submitted here.
07-22-2009 02:31 AM
Steindrok, my apologies!
After your answer, I've done some other tests with brand new presets => didn't manage to reproduce it too! In fact, the preset .ini file seems corrupted: the brand new preset lines are really shorter (but dunno why, unstable state when coding the updates ?).
=> I won't be frustrated if the state is updated to 'Not a bug'.
07-22-2009 05:18 AM
Super Moderator (no feelings)
Ok, assuming you recreated the routing you had in the faulty presets and everything still works as you want, I close the bug as "not a bug". :) (That doesn't mean we can't reopen it if necessary.)

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