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complete video support (on Mac- may also be relevant to PC) Issue Tools
issueid=358 06-26-2009 10:13 AM
Human being with feelings
complete video support (on Mac- may also be relevant to PC)
for music to picture / post applications

I am a mac user so can't speak to the video implementation on PC - but this is what's needed for pro work on mac.

REAPER should support .mov files.

video window needs to support playback at different sizes and be dockable.

window needs to display stills when REAPER is stopped and needs to follow jog/shuttle operations.

an action to "place item with current video still on currently selected track" would be great.

an action to "copy audio track from current video (in time selection) to new REAPER track" would be needed.

an action to toggle playback of audio track of current video

double clicking the video window should open the video in quicktime pro (or other secondary editor) for quick conversion, etc.

video playback should be able to be suspended/resumed without having to reset video file.
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Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
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Priority 2
Suggested Version 3.04
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06-26-2009 10:30 AM
Human being with feelings
I am on PC and I vote for this, having read on the various video problems with Reaper. I will be doing video work in the future so I want these basic functions to be workable.
07-02-2009 10:26 AM
sir sir is offline
Human being with feelings
I've used REAPER for a few small video tasks, and the funcionality is definitely limited currently. These improvements would be awesome, +1

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