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Global snap suspension modifier (disable snapping for EVERYTHING, not just trimming and moving) Issue Tools
issueid=2312 04-11-2010 06:06 AM
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Global snap suspension modifier (disable snapping for EVERYTHING, not just trimming and moving)

Currently, the modifier to suspend snapping only works while moving or trimming items. There is no way to place the edit cursor between grid lines or draw a time selection off the grid.

The idea is just to get the suspension working on a full global scale, so that literally while the modifier is held, the snapping button in the toolbar will turn off, and everything will behave exactly as it would with snapping disabled, and then when you release the modifier key, snapping would re-enable.

Personally I would find this a lot more useful than the sort of half suspending functionality we have now. I like to leave snapping on all of the time and it would be great to be able to suspend it completely via a modifier whenever I do need to make an edit off of the grid, vs. having to actually toggle it because of the current suspension feature not applying to what I am trying to do.

SHIFT is the current modifier which makes things tricky because we use it for a lot of other things when clicking around the arrange window (namely altering time selections) so we might need to come up with a solution there...

The big thing for me is that I can't right click marquee time selection a small section between two items to crossfade if I'm in grid mode right now since the modifier won't suspend snapping for that function. I feel like maybe Alt/Option is a good alternative for that scenario, but it really would make sense to get something that is the same key for snap suspension all across the board... Windows key anyone...?
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04-11-2010 11:36 AM

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