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Selecting items 'behind' other items. Issue Tools
issueid=151 06-17-2009 04:07 PM
Human being with feelings
Selecting items 'behind' other items.
Sometimes item edges get hidden behind overlapping items, making their edges inaccessible. The ability to 'select behind' or 'bring to front' would help.

As also discussed here: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.p...d=1#post332894

Would be good to somehow be be able to select (or specify for editing) an item that is behind another item.

Eg, sometimes the right edge of an item will be inaccessible behind the behind the left edge of another one, making it difficult to, say, make a fade out, or grab the edge for a slip edit.

Or, sometimes after gluing two items in a layer, the resulting glued item sometimes jumps behind an item in another layer.

It's not uncommon that I need to move an item vertically, or resize it vertically when in FIPM, in order to grab the edge of the item I want to edit.

Not sure what modifiers could be added w/o conflict to a basic left-click... but maybe it could be done as an option... or an Action...?

In the thread above. Gopher said: "For the first case (item is partially visible) I think it should be easy: Selecting an item should just bring it to the front for as long as it is selected, giving us access to all handles of that item."

Makes sense to me.

Or maybe adding a 'Bring item to front' option (mnemonically accessible!) in the item right-click context menu. Just something fast and simple.

I'd rate this more like a 3.5 if I could. It's obviously not critical, or a super biggie, but it's a source of frustration when encountered.

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Priority 4
Suggested Version 3.04
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06-18-2009 07:08 AM
Human being with feelings
I'd like to see this achievable from the keyboard as well please -

actions to: "select frontmost item on selected track at edit cursor" and "push selected item to back of z-order' would do it: there may be more elegant ways....

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