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Dynamic Split Improvements (The Beat Detective Killer) Issue Tools
issueid=2989 10-04-2010 11:12 AM
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Dynamic Split Improvements (The Beat Detective Killer)

Dynamic Split is currently pretty useful, but has the potential to be extremely powerful with a few minor tweaks (and even more awesome with a couple more complicated tweaks ;)) Reaper could be the first DAW to have a real Beat Detective Killer with some of these improvements!

1. Improving the usefulness of Dynamic Split for grouped items
Currently Dynamic Split can be used to apply all the splits from one item to all of the items that are grouped with it, but it does not behave properly when trying to detect and split at transients in all grouped items at once.

For example, here is a section of grouped drum tracks with some dynamic split settings displayed. Take note of the "Split grouped items at times of selected item splits" box which is checked:

This is the current result, as you can see the grouped items were not split as expected:

This is a better result, and more expected. Every item is split at the transients detected in all the grouped items, resulting in the same chunks for each track:

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to account for the fact that a lot of transients will be double detected.

For example, a snare hit will be detected on the snare track, and likely in the overhead tracks as well. The snare in the overhead track is going to be slightly later than the snare in the close mic since the mics are further away.

Thankfully, we already have the "minimum slice length" parameter which will control this. It is crucial however that it works across all items of course.

If it sees a transient in the snare track, and a transient in the overhead track that is < min slice length away, it should ignore one of the transients based on the "left to right" or "best to worst" checkboxes. Left to Right would of course keep the first transient (the right choice in this situation) and best to worse would keep whichever transient was stronger.

2. Account for leading pad by adjusting snap offset accordingly

Currently, if you use Dynamic Split to cut something at it's transients and use a leading pad of say 10ms for arguments sake, the snap offset is not adjusted and the item will now snap to it's left boundary instead of the transient.


Current result:

Better result:

This could be achievable by adding a checkbox, "Auto adjust snap offset when padding" or something similar. We do have the "auto adjust snap offset to peak value..." box, but that just complicates things by adding another stage of detection (one that isn't previewable at that.) It makes it a lot easier to allow it to adjust to the same point that the preview line detected the initial transient so there are no surprises for the user afterwards.

3. Allow real time preview of detected points when adjusting transient sensitivity
This is more minor, but currently if you hit the "Set Transient Sensitivity" box and adjust the slider, the detection preview for the item is not updated until you hit "Apply." It would improve the Dynamic Split workflow if this was updated in real time, much like when you slide the "Reduce split points" slider. If this can't be done for some technical reason, it isn't the end of the world, but it would be an improvement.

4. Allow the user to manually add, remove or adjust detected points
This would be a huge workflow improvement. You could click and drag an existing previewed detection point to move it to fine tune it's position, ctrl+click to add a new point or alt+click an existing point to remove it. Currently you can't manipulate any of the splits until splitting with Dynamic Split and then manipulating afterwards in the arrange window. It would keep the workflow simpler and more contained to allow these adjustments from within the Dynamic Split function itself. For me personally, I know it is more obvious to my eyes to see the preview detection point then it is to look at existing split items on my screen when adjusting.

5. Add a separate theme color for the Dynamic Split detection lines
Currently this color is shared with the Marker color. It would be better if it was a separate color so you could make it something extreme and obvious (like bright green or bright pink). Also, allowing the option to show it as either a solid line or a checked line would be beneficial.

If it is going to share it's color with anything, I think it makes more sense to share it with the Editing Guide lines.

Discussion thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.p...288#post594288
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