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Better Project/File Management Issue Tools
issueid=155 06-17-2009 05:54 PM
Human being with feelings
Better Project/File Management
Tracking of all projects and files

Reaper could really benefit from a project management system. These systems differ from daw to daw from basic to advanced. I'll use the Cubase audio pool here as a example. The audio pool is the center of project file management.

Below are graphics with some of the basic functions. Most of it is self explanatory so I'll keep the commentary as short as possible.

The trash can above is permanent until you empty it. All deleted project files go there. Not deleted from the timeline, deleted in the pool with the "Removed Unused Files" function where you choose to place in the trash or permanently delete.

Some helpful tags on the files...

A closeup of the overview info panel...

And a list of all of the attributes. These can be moved, hidden, colums resized, whatever you want or don't want to see. You can rename files here or set attributes like tempo, key, or stretch algo.

There is also a media search function/window and it does a lot more things than I've shown here but the FR for Reaper is just a basic project management system that presents some of the basic information seen here and collects/tracks information about project files.

I think it's critical to the long term success of Reaper.
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06-18-2009 07:07 AM
Human being with feelings
Full description of the attributes. Lots of useful information there.

06-18-2009 07:13 AM
Human being with feelings
I would like to see support for versioning as well. I'd like to have access within REAPER to multiple versions of a given project - or related projects (for example a 'horns only' RPP)

Tracktion provides a good example: the project manager lists audio, midi, and "edits" - what REAPER calls Projects - all are grouped together into a container (which Tracktion calls a "Project" but which might be called "meta-project" in REAPER...

Perhaps this should be its own FR?
06-18-2009 07:24 AM
Human being with feelings
That's a good idea actually and probably a different FR. This FR is file management - even though I mistakenly named it Project/File managerment (and/or)... it should have been "Project file" management.

Project files here are handled by the media bay so like-named project versions will typically be side by side when sorted alphabetically. Of course being an SQL database you can perform all kinds of logical queries and sorts.

This obviously comes in handy when (for example) you're looking or tracks or parts to rip from old projects in a particular key or tempo. You can view all projects in C# that are <= 90 bpm or whatever.

This view shows every project on my secondary laptop hard disk, 80 total.

Reaper will do it Reaper's way but currently it's lacking in file/media management overall.

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