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issueid=1430 10-31-2009 06:13 AM
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Extended/unified .reabank format
FR for an extended/unified .reabank format with MIDI settings regarding: bank, program, control changes, note names, etc.

.reabank files currently support Bank/Program Change.
MIDI editor can import bank/program lists and load .txt files with note names.

A unified file format for MIDI devices would consist in:

- Bank/Program Change
- Control Change (with names used by ReaControlMidi)
- Notes
- options to init MIDI editor view configs (PianoRoll/NoteNames and Rectangles/Triangles/Diamonds)

Discussion here: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=43710
Issue Details
Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category MIDI recording and playback
Status Suggested
Priority 5 - Medium
Suggested Version 3.13
Implemented Version (none)
Users who would use this feature 10
Users who would not use this feature 0
Assigned Users (none)
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