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Param. Modulation Bugs with Copying Effects Issue Tools
issueid=5354 09-22-2014 07:03 PM
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Param. Modulation Bugs with Copying Effects
Copying effects can screw up parameter modulation on the duplicate effect

Discussion & Example RPP:

Bug Part 1:
If you copy (only copy, not move) a plugin that has a parameter modulated by linking from another plugin's parameter, the parameter being linked from is changed. I can't quite figure out what the logic is to it.

In the example file, ReaComp Thresh is linked to ReaGate Thresh. If you ctrl + drag it to another slot in the list, this link changes on the duplicate plugin.

Bug Part 2:
If the parameter link is from the same plugin, most of the time it works fine (the new plugin uses it's own (self)parameter) but in some cases (again can't figure this out) it does not, and uses the old plugin's.

In the example file, ReaSynth Volume is linked to the Attack. If you ctrl + drag it elsewhere, it uses the ReaSynth Attack that it was copied from (no longer self).

However if you drag it to the slot ahead of itself (ReaSynth is in slot 4, ctrl + drag to place the duplicate in slot 5) then it keeps it's (self) properly.
If the original plugin is shifted (changes slots), the bug occurs, if not all is fine? The same cannot be said for Bug 1.

Testing Findings:
Soli Deo Gloria:
A further observation : if one has for example three plugs, namely A-B-C, where A modulates B and this modulates C, as in the test project, the only safe way to keep a coherent behaviour is to copy/paste them with Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V at the end of the chain. The modulation pattern is preserved in the copies. I even had the same result changing the order to something like B-A-C in the original ones, but Im not sure this can be 100% consistent in all cases. I did a lot of permutations and Ctrl + drag always shows a wrong result.
Here's a licecap to illustrate one issue:

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