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Different TCP/MCP icon when Instruments are in the fx chain Issue Tools
issueid=176 06-18-2009 04:10 PM
Human being with feelings
Different TCP/MCP icon when Instruments are in the fx chain
To visually separate instrument from fx tracks..

When you load effects and/or instruments into a track fx chain, the FX icon is -currently- the same for both.

I am asking for an additional type of icon to be used when there are instruments inserted in the chain. Then the FX button will indicate which tracks contain just effects, and which contain (at least one) instrument in the chain.

In the default theme for example I imagine effects tracks use the current icon, while with instrument tracks, the icon displays e.g. 'i' instead of 'fx' and has a different shade of green, or some other color, when active.

It requires some additional logic in the code and the themers/us/me can do the rest.


discussion thread here http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=631859
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Suggested Version 3.03
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06-22-2009 10:58 AM
Human being with feelings
Here's a mockup for the different buttons for fx chains and instrument chains. You can immediately know your effects tracks from your instrumens tracks (instruments+fx = instrument tracks).

url: https://stash.reaper.fm/oldsb/175364/fxbuttonsinst.jpg

NOTE: Do not be put off by the 'i' icon I made for demonstration purposes. It could easily show something different... how about 'FXi'? That looks better?
06-22-2009 11:31 AM
Human being with feelings
Although it is a cool idea, what happens if you put a regular (non-instrument effect) before or after the VSTi/DXi, wouldn't this confuse things?
06-22-2009 12:17 PM
Human being with feelings
Here's the programming logic:

- The moment you insert an Instrument (or more) anywhere in the chain, it becomes an 'instrument' track (which only means the alternative button graphic is used)

- The moment you remove the last Instrument from an FX chain, the regular FX graphic is used.

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