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"Pin to Desktop" of the Docker when in "floating mode" Issue Tools
issueid=69 06-14-2009 08:08 PM
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"Pin to Desktop" of the Docker when in "floating mode"
Being able to pin to desktop the docker will not make the showing FX/Window going behind the docker when i click on it

This feature is a must have when placing the docker on a secondary monitor dedicated to it.

Basically the concept is allow the docker, when floating, to be "pin to desktop" so no window can go behind it. This allows to have a VST (or any other Reaper window) open in front of the docker/mixer and, when clicking on the docker, the window will not go behind it.

As reference, this is the same behaviour it happens when you click/edit on the tracklist: VST/Windows in front of it doesnt go behind but just lose the focus. Same should be enabled (as option on/off) also for the docker when in floating mode.
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Issue Type Feature Request
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category GUI and graphics
Status Suggested
Priority 4
Suggested Version 3.03
Implemented Version (none)
Users who would use this feature 11
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