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Peaks color became too pale! !! Issue Tools
issueid=2886 08-18-2010 11:28 PM
Human being with feelings
Peaks color became too pale! !!

the peaks color became way too pale/colorless..

it is pretty new...please fix/change back or even better read below..


NOTE! I don't use background color... (Tint strength for selected media item background = 0)

RELATED FR which could be a better solution = + Custom colors: preference for media item waveform peaks tint strength, for selected/unselected media items
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Issue Type Closed Issue
Project Deprecated REAPER issue tracker
Category GUI and graphics
Status Not a Reaper Bug
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 3.66
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08-20-2010 11:04 AM
Weird. I don't see this in any themes I tried. Can you investigate a bit deeper?

Needs a discussion thread to dig into it.

08-20-2010 11:26 AM
Human being with feelings
i think that i got it...

the settings for:
Media item peaks (odd tracks)
Media item peaks (even tracks)

blend with the track custom color... -.-
08-20-2010 11:46 AM
Human being with feelings
the waveform peaks seems to blend with the custom colors...(default vs custom blend..)

need a way to control this...

08-20-2010 12:16 PM
I can't reproduce that.
Again, please open a discussion thread where we can investigate. It's of no use to do the digging here as long as it's not clear which setting or theme related thing makes it happen for you.

(would be nice if it came with less exclamation marks btw.)
08-20-2010 12:26 PM
Human being with feelings
thanks for the help...
i will try to trace the problem by myself

btw it happens with any theme...
08-20-2010 01:00 PM
Human being with feelings
See this thread:


It is currently impossible to control how the peak background color blends with the assigned custom color, would be really helpful if there was.

@gofer, this is only a problem if you have "Tint media item background to custom track colors" enabled. It's pretty clear from your screenshot that you are only tinting the peaks, in which case the peak colors display as expected. As soon as you enable tinting the background as well though, it starts to blend the peaks with the color set in the theme editor without giving you any control over the blend mode like it does for most other things.

Check out this video:

08-20-2010 01:33 PM
Ah, thanks Adam. I missed that Reflected seems to use "Tint item backgrounds" but with a strength of 0. (Wouldn't then for him the easy way out be to not use tint backgrounds in the first place?)

I propose using the thread you link to ad discussion thread for this issue.

@Reflected: Can you please put that link in the opening post?
08-20-2010 01:50 PM
Human being with feelings
thank you adam.

i had the feeling that it has something to do with the item background...

I enable item background only because with my other theme i use item bg..(which is exactly why I think that apearance settings should be included inside themes...)
08-20-2010 03:05 PM
If I'm not mistaken this is not new and that's the way it's been since 3.0. Actually, I love this blend because I can use a scale of gray and get what I want. As far as I can see this is not a bug but a request for a new behavior, right?
08-22-2010 10:56 PM
Human being with feelings
i can live with that (for now)

not a bug...more like unfinished work..

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