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Shift to suspend snapping doesn't work for right click marquee time selection Issue Tools
issueid=2307 04-10-2010 01:49 PM
Human being with feelings
Shift to suspend snapping doesn't work for right click marquee time selection

This might be by design, but I find myself constantly trying to hold shift while drawing a time selection via right click expecting it to let me draw a selection off of the grid but it doesn't work. If shift is supposed to suspend snapping I think it should apply to this situation as well no? Currently the "suspend snapping" seems to only apply to moving items and trimming their edges, should there not be a way to have this apply globally to everything? A modifier combination where the snapping button on the toolbar literally changes as soon as you hold it and changes back when you let go?
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04-11-2010 05:48 AM
I too think this isn't really a bug, but would make a real nice Feature Request I'd vote for. Should work for dragging a loop selection and dragging the edit cursor (in the time ruler) as well.

Could you repost it (maybe with another title) as a feature request, Adam? It doesn't look like we can change the issue type after the fact.
04-11-2010 06:00 AM
Human being with feelings
I did post this in the feature request forum but not in the tracker...


Need to change the proposal because I'm fighting for another modifier using CTRL now, haha...

EDIT: Request in tracker... http://forum.cockos.com/project.php?issueid=2312
04-11-2010 06:25 AM
Thanks. Changed status of this one to "not a reaper bug".

Ah, found out how to "X" it :)

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