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issueid=500 07-07-2009 06:41 AM
Human being with feelings
Theme element finder enhancement
Add the size and whether pink/yellow are supported to the Theme element finder

Myself and some others are working on the Theme Manual currently and we plan to add Carbon's Theme Template, which includes all graphics that are in the default theme. One problem is that it doesn't serve as a perfect template, because many graphics are off-center and not the full size, which this is also true in almost any theme.

So, I am asking if you, the coders/developers, could add some genius to the great Theme element finder to also show the maximum size (in pixels) and whether or not the graphic supports pink and/or yellow. If the image does not have a max on one axis, show stretch or something.

Something like this maybe...
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Priority 7
Suggested Version 3.05
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07-07-2009 01:26 PM
Human being with feelings
This would be a handy addition.

Just a comment on the template - I've made the dummy backgrounds (pale blue) that indicate the size and positioning of the default graphics on them.

Still this doesn't show if you can make a gfx bigger than default (item backgrounds for an example).

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