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3-point & 4-point editing Issue Tools
issueid=78 06-15-2009 08:24 AM
Human being with feelings
3-point & 4-point editing
a simple way to cut regions from any project into the first project tab

It would be very (very) convenient to have native support for 3 and 4-point editing.
To be able to copy a selected region from any open project into the project on the first tab.

Some options could be provided as to copy what from the src and where to the dst.
Mark a region, hit the copy_region_key, and all clips on all tracks (and their curves and automation) will be inserted (or appended) at the cursor position in the dst project.

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Priority 5 - Medium
Suggested Version 3.03
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06-15-2009 09:15 AM
Human being with feelings
This is quite a big subject.

Art Evans has tried to provide some macros to facilitate this, with some success.

Klankschap, could you specify to the developers and us what you expect to gain from this , and more importantly what the 3-point and 4-point edit operations perform ?
06-15-2009 09:38 AM
Human being with feelings
When dealing with (classical/radio) (live) recordings you have multiple files with multiple takes.
The first step is to collect the usable takes from multiple projects into one single project.
So you go through a basic take, and then assemble from other projects better takes.

So you mark a specific section for an alternative, then you want to hit a single key by which you copy all material in that region to the target.

You don't want to deal with reselecting the source track over and over again.
Nor do you want to be reminded to place the focus on the first track of the target...

A nice option would be to have the blocks that you copy be treated as individual groups.
Avoiding time shifts between tracks.

It is the simple things that makes life lazy :-)

Reaper is a fantastic tool to be used for radio and classical music if only a few (simple) tools were available.

3/4 point editing is an important one. And so are auto-slip (auto aligning material if you drag it into a specific track) and the snazzy mouse-crossfade-adjustment handle as described elsewhere in the forum ...

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