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Per-VST/Instrument fuctionality Issue Tools
issueid=22 06-13-2009 07:23 AM
Human being with feelings
Per-VST/Instrument fuctionality
Floating/2nd Monitor/Multi-out creation

Per effect/instrument functionality area. A window where we can tag individual effects or instruments, so they act in certain ways. Example:

This effect/instrument always floats
This effect/instrument always opens on 2nd monitor
This effect/instrument always confirms multi-out setup with user

This could expand on the ease of use with Reaper. Some VST's like Overloud TH-1 are massive, and I always end up putting it on my 2nd monitor. Other VST's are so big, that floating is required to see it all. Other VST's are less annoying, and so don't need to be floating or on a 2nd monitor.
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Priority 5 - Medium
Suggested Version 3.03
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06-13-2009 07:44 AM
Human being with feelings
This would help for all the larger instruments I use, like Omnisphere and Stylus. So far, the position is remembered for the individual insert after it has been open once.

There are some interesting possibilities here.

Plugins with a small screen-footprint could be classified as such. The order of the plugins in the FX Chain could be taken in to account, and thus automatic ordering of the plugin windows could take place.

Imagine a chain composed of a ReaComp and then a ReaEQ. Both are plugins with small to medium screen footprints. Calling up the ReaEQ would open the plugin above the location it was called from, and thus it could be closed again with the same action(left-click on insert or double-click in FX Chain window).

Then ReaComp is called up. It is automatically placed above ReaEQ, and ReaEQ is moved down if necessary to make room for ReaComp. The order in which the plugins are in the FX chain is now reflected in the order in which they appear on-screen. Also, their borders snap to each other(left-justied), just like Winamp snapped to screen edges. One might even consider keeping them snapped if moved, so their relationship to one another is not lost and the plugins belonging to a chain can be moved to another place.
06-16-2009 12:10 PM
Human being with feelings
why not simply an action/right-click option:

"set current plug placement / float status to default"
06-24-2009 12:34 PM
Human being with feelings
That could work SQ... but wouldn't it be much nicer if there was a manager, where you could set a range of options.. rather than hiding it away in yet another right click menu?

Also... I don't think I should have to load the effect or instrument in question, to be able to set this option.

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