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agreed.. Time to launch VS and help yourself?

Originally Posted by Tod View Post
SWS/S&M: Paste routings to selected tracks
It will only pastes routing to the one upper most track of selected tracks. It would be nice if it would paste to all selected tracks.
hey Tod, this is "by design": S&M paste sends/receives/routings actions just paste routings respectively, as they were copied. I mean, say you have:
- track 1 with a set of routings a
- track 2 with a set of routings b
- track 3 with a set of routings c
- track 4 with a set of routings d

Now say you copy those routings from tracks 1 and 2 and paste them to tracks 3 and 4

(1) You will get:
- track 3's routings = c+a
- track 4's routings = d+b

^^ i.e. multi-track support, another reason is SWS smart copy/cut/paste actions that are also based on this code: they copy/paste tracks (or items/envs but that's another story) with *all* their respective routings (contrary to native copy/paste tracks).

(2) What you describe would lead to this kind of paste:
=> track 3's routings = c+a+b
=> track 4's routings = d+a+b


That being said, as this "issue" is often reported (SWS Issues 174, 506 & other threads) and since these reports can make sense, I'll update routing actions for the next build like:
(1) when copying routings from x tracks / pasting to x tracks -OR- (2) when copying routings from x tracks / pasting to y tracks

(^^ looks complicated but I think it's intuitive..)

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