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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
"Live" switches between regions/playlists is now possible with the last SWS version (v2.3.0 #8, download: Feedback welcome!

How does it work?
In the Region Playlist window, you can now define "infinite" loops:

.. and switch between regions thanks to new actions:

- SWS/S&M: Region Playlist - Play previous region (smooth seek)
- SWS/S&M: Region Playlist - Play next region (smooth seek)

1) Create a playlist with infinite loops for all regions
2) Learn the 2 actions above (say with a MIDI pedal controler).
3) Play (there are dedicated actions to start a playlist (*) but, in this case, next/previous ones will work too)
-> the 1st region "intro" in the playlist will loop forvever, unless you switch to another region with the MIDI controller
4) "Ok, ready for the verse"
-> Pedal: next, next
-> the next region that will be played (after the current/1st one finishes) is the 3rd one in the playlist, say "verse"
4) "Oops! The drummer is not there!!"
-> Pedal: previous, previous
-> you're back to the current/1st region "intro" (it will loop again forever unless you switch to another region with the MIDI controller..)

Of course, you can monitor current/next regions (new top right "lock" button to toggle edition/monitoring modes):

^^ it is a display la "Big clock", so you can resize as you wish and monitor things far away from the screen..


(*) "SWS/S&M: Region Playlist n - where 'n' is in [1; 4], customizable in the S&M.ini file (up to 99 playlists). You can also use/learn these actions to switch to another playlist, it will start after the current region of the current playlist finishes..
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