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Default ReaConsole love

Some ReaConsole updates are coming soon (in the next beta release, so it will be v2.3.0 #13).
The ReaConsole window will be dockable + better way to create console command actions + new commands 'x' and '/' to add FX and send local OSC messages.
I am posting the fine details here because this would be too long for the whatsnew...

1) Create actions made of console commands directly in the Cycle Action editor

The Cycle Action editor features a new instruction "CONSOLE" to run ReaConsole commands:

The syntax is dead simple:
CONSOLE your_console_commad
Where your_console_commad is a standard console command, the syntax is described here:

In other words, to create your own console actions, you do not need to create/tweak a reaconsole_customcommands.txt file anymore!

Why is that useful?
  • Better action names, for example: a custom name "Select bass tracks" instead of "SWS: Run console command: s*bass*"
  • No more issues with action IDs (avoid broken macros, console actions are easier to share, etc..)
  • Simpler configuration (no file edition/re-start)
  • Benefit from other Cycle Actions' features: toggle state reporting, etc..
  • Indirectly fixes little issues on OSX
Note: although it is deprecated now, the reaconsole_customcommands.txt file still parsed for ascendant compatibility, of course!

Example: creating a custom action "Add ReaComp to selected tracks"

^^ Note: 'x' is a brand new console command, see below!

2) New command 'x' to add track FX

x reacomp
=> will add ReaComp on all selected tracks (this is the example we used just above)
xbass* reaeq
=> will add ReaEQ on tracks starting with the text "bass"

3) New command '/' to send local OSC messages (as if they were sent by a device on the network)

Longer console commands.. but this opens a bunch of doors: receives, sends, FX parameters, FX presets, etc..

/track/1/fx/1/preset MyPreset
=> will switch the FX preset of the 1st FX of track #1 to MyPreset
/track/1/fx/1/preset "My Preset"
=> same as above but it uses quotes since the preset name contains a space character
/track/1/fx/1,2/fxparam/1,1/value 0.25 0.5
=> multiple arguments here: it sets both 1st parameters of FX #1 and FX #2 of track #1 to 0.25 and 0.5, respectively

  • OSC messages will be matched against the default OSC layout/pattern (i.e. the file default.ReaperOSC, see REAPER's OSC documentation)
  • Although you do not need to add any controle surface in the preferences, this feature is only supported if control surface support was enabled when installing REAPER
  • Only OSC messages with string and float parameters are supported ATM
    (it should be enough though..)

4) The console window is now modeless, dockable, resizable, etc..

This introduces a little functionnal change though, I had to invert the 2 following key shorcuts for things to make sense with docking:
  • The ENTER key runs a command but keeps the console window open
  • CTRL+ENTER (CMD+ENTER on OSX) will close the console window after running a command


As usual, feedback, questions and reports are welcome!

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