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Hi Susan,

First, I forgot something important.. Are you running OSX?
I ask because theme actions are Win-only ATM (I should be able to port them though..)


Otherwise, if you run a Windows OS:

To switch/load themes, the exact action names are: SWS/S&M: Load theme, slot n, where n is in [1;4] by default
(^^ so, by default, you have 4 actions like - but you can customize things as explained here: up to 99 themes/actions)

Of course, before you can switch themes with theses actions, you have to fill those "theme slots".

Two ways you can fill slots:

1) Either just run the theme action, so here: "SWS/S&M: Load theme, slot 4"
=> if this slot #4 is empty, you will be automatically prompted to load a file in this slot (.ReaperthemeZip file), but only once: the very first time you run this action, and only if the slot is empty. Then, each time you will run this action again, the theme file you have defined will be applied, of course.

2) Or, in the S&M Resources window:

^^ with this window, you can manage slots (drag-drop, add, insert, clear, delete, etc...) and more.

Ok, we have filled the slot (BTW, this is the same for all types of Resources slots: FX chains, Track Template, Project, etc..).

Now, to define our example action "SWS/S&M: Load theme, slot 4" as project startup action, run SWS/S&M: Set project startup action
=> a message box is displayed, it explains how to do that: "please select an action, macro, or script in the Actions window and click OK"
=> so, select "SWS/S&M: Load theme, slot 4", click OK and save the project!, i.e. to save your startup action in the RRP file

Hope this clarifies.


Annoying note! Susan, please wait for the next SWS/S&M build before re-trying :/
(I have tested the above from end-to-end => it works here but I had to tweak things a bit because theme actions are special..)


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