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Default Sharing cycle actions

Refueled! So here's something like the "doc" I've lost about Cycle Actions, would be too long for the whatsnew...

It deals with sharing cycle actions and the new command "Explode into individual commands":
I have added this in v2.3.0 #14 because I see some people sharing their Cycle Actions (and that's great!) but they are often based on other macros, console custom commands, etc..
Sharing such Cycle Actions is complicated because you have to share other files = extra hassle for other users.

Now, to share your Cycle Actions you just have to export a single file where all CAs have been "exploded":

When do I need to explode what?

Easy. Since v2.3.0 #14, when clicking the button "Apply", a warning messages shows you the commands you should (*) explode, example:
Warning: 'Cycle toolbars', section 'Main'
This cycle action has been registered but it could be improved
Details: the command ID '_853ed88bb3db144e88cf01d639b67962' cannot be shared with other users
Tip: right-click this command > 'Explode into individual actions'
You will see this new warning message for:
  • Cycle Actions based on macros (aka "custom actions")
    => solution: explode those macros into individual actions
  • Cycle actions based on other Cycle Actions (which is now possible, since v2.3.0 #14 too)
    This was one of the reasons of old limitation: once imported on someone else's PC/Mac, Cycle Actions' IDs are broken
    => solution: explode "children" Cycle Actions
  • Custom ReaConsole commands
    You would have to export a file reaconsole_customcommands.txt (and pray other users would not have created this file as well).
    => solution: explode ReaConsole commands
Of course, you can select all the commands of a Cycle Action, and explode everything in one go

(*) Just a warning, it is optionnal!
If you do not plan to share your Cycle Actions (or to move on a new PC/Mac at some point, etc..), you do not need to obey this message, actions will work on your PC/Mac.


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