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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
Sorry heda, I could be wrong, but I must say I do not believe in this report at all: rock solid here + your strange "Remove region workflow" = smells like Pont-l'Évêque (aka "user error" in English).

Plus, there is nothing I can do with such a vague report, well except wasting time :/
=> please enter a ticket in the SWS issue tracker with OS info, SWS & REAPER versions and, the most important thing: reproduction steps.

Probably not that but just in case... I had a report like that in the past. It turned out the guy was reply "No" to "Save project before quitting?" because, somehow, in his mind, he was just editing notes/subs and not tracks/arrange BUT, those ARE part of the RPP too, editing notes/subs IS a project update...
I don't know how to help. It is like random. I need more testing and identify when it happens and of course I will report it if I find it.I see the subtitles data stored at the end of the RPP files. I just keep working without touching the regions and it is all good for days, but sometimes I open the project some days later and the subtitles are lost, and then I see there are no subtitle data anymore inside the RPP file. But I will keep using this nice feature.
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