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sws_2.3.0.19 was perfect.

Now the resources window is buggy like hell again.
I could post a gif but this time it's really easy to reproduce:

Screenset 1:
Position/resize the resources window.
Hide the window.
Save a screenset.

Screenset 2:
Dock the resources window.
Save a screenset.

Switch between the screensets.
The resources window in undocked mode opens anywhere, but not at the saved position.

After upgrading and loading my default screenset, the resouces window opened at the bottom of the screen, with the exact size of the docked mixer. Weird.

Reaper 4.02
32 bit

Edit: Mmh...reverting back to sws_2.3.0.19 didn't help. I removed everything i could find in the reaper ini which belongs to the resources window, but no luck. Something got corrupted here. I swear that everything worked great before updating.

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