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Sorry for the veeeerrrrrrrryy late replies!

Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
That feature sounded like the absolute "bee's knees"!

Is there anyway to get this back! I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a SWS cycle action on one toolbar button that would cycle through my different studio monitors and actually tell me which ones it's on at that moment rather than having loads of toolbar buttons for this since I'm actually running out of screen space and toolbars for that (even with 4 screens)...
Sorry to interrupt but..
.. LOL!
Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
... Not only this but there are so many cycle actions that would be so informative with this! Is this is "nudging justin" (for additional program hooks) that's stopping it or really just feature creep on the users' behalf?
I know, MBN, I KNOW!
This request often come on the table, and it used to work this way:

..but, some toolbar buttons' tooltips "died" in the meantime, and the other ones now require an extra option for this to work :/

I mean, if you change a macro name "A" -> "B", you'll see attached image buttons still have the old tooltip "A" - even when you restart REAPER, dah!
(to change the tooltip: you'd have to turn the img btn into a txt button, switch back to img btn by re-setting the icon, déh!).
For text buttons, an additional option "Use as tooltip" was added too. It is ticked by default (= display the same text in the button AND in the tooltip = duh! % ellipsize), so you'd have to untick this for Cycle Actions' tooltips to work (although it is not said what unticking does, doh!).

So, in short, Cycle Actions' tooltips were half-broken and the other half was clumsy => that's why I removed this feature.

The FR you envision could be like "Please can we have (dynamic) action names as default tooltips for both image & text buttons please ?" + a huge pile of smileys, as usual

Originally Posted by gwok View Post
Hey guys,

I'm just checking out the newest update (2.3 i think) and there's this great new feature to create a bookmark and store chains\templates in the current project.

This is great! Though I do have one problem with it atm. IMO, the chains and templates NEED to be stored within folders of their own.

The way it is now, if I save say 15 track temaplates, and 5 fx chains (easy to do), then my project folder will be a mess with all these files. I mean sometimes they are a mess already!

I'll happily post the feature in your tracker, though let me know your thoughts on this, as the feature is GREAT and long awaited, but things need to be kept tidy

Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
As for resources/track templates.

I'm uber hoping for it to have a way of saving the track templates with the project in such a way that we don't have to do anything to see just the templates for that project (in a "project" bookmark that is)

This would be used by me a lot for archiving tracks for later recall.
Originally Posted by Garrick View Post
yes this would be awesome mbn, especially if it was foolproof.
Thanks guys! And yes, I can't agree more with those suggestions!

"In-project bookmark" (<- sounds good, doesn't it?) was plan A, but I had to switch to plan B (new option "Attach resources files to project") just because I can't do A with the current API :/
Ditto for sub-directories: can't agree more, but there's another API "problem" ATM..

Good news though: it doesn't seem impossible (<- caution!) that Justin helps us about that someday!


Arelated feature I'd like to bump is the "custom bookmark" thing, from the changelog:
Added custom bookmarks: Context menu > Bookmark > New bookmark > Custom...
The definition format is: resource_directory_name,description,file_extensions (no spaces around commas)
- Example1: Configurations,ReaConfig,ReaperConfigZip => Bank of configs example: auto-fill, then double-click slots to switch ReaConfigs (or, on Win, drag-drop slots to the arrange) 
- Example2: Docs,Document,txt,rtf,pdf => Multiple file extensions example
- Example3: Misc,Any file,* => Can be useful to attach any type of file to a project, for example
... bumping it because, as said just above, when combined with the new option "Attach resource files to project", you can backup/keep track of any file: .pdf, .doc,... whatever. Handy (here, at least).

Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
BUG 1: If you have metronome set to count in (not pre-roll) then any notes (and sustain pedal) that you press and hold before the count in has finished STOP the note actually being heard once recording actually begins. You can see the note but I suspect it's that quick double note problem that is causing the first note to have a "note off" event kill it straight away.
BUG 2: this is a NASTY one. change from count in to an actual pre roll and then record a few looped bars. All the notes are actually placed (offset) by the pre roll amount. ouch!
Random stuff but I was able to repro both issues without any cycle action, and no extension installed - just with macros.
That's why I did nothing about that.. No time to investigate more than that, sorry MBN :/

Originally Posted by daxliniere View Post
Hey guys,
Is there a thread detailing how to make a 3-state toolbar button for use with cycle actions?

I'm sure I've seen it before, but I can't seem to find it now.

Any help would be appreciated.

It's a bit outdated now but there's a step-by-step example here: (thanks Mercado_Negro!)
I should be enough to get the idea - if you are on OSX, do not get fooled by some bug reports made in 1937 there, fixed now.

.. and:
^^ BTW, this is the kind of useful links you'll find in the new offline HTML whatsnew we deliver now : Main menu > Extensions > About SWS Extension > button "What's new?"
Not a real documentation, I know... but better than nothing!

Originally Posted by spk77 View Post
Hello fingers, I think there's a bug: note off event "jumps" over the last cc123. (if note end pos > item end pos)

(I'm using FNG_SetMidiNoteIntProperty() to set the new length to 3840)
Sound wrong indeed..
Hopes fingers will chime in but may be you can handle that on your end in a first time? (i.e. "clamping" to item length on your end - although it is a bit more complicated than that, as you probably know..)
Originally Posted by spk77 View Post
Is it possible to get MIDI editor "Snap to grid" toggle state with SNM_GetIntConfigVar()? I tried with "lastSnap = SNM_GetIntConfigVar("lastsnap", -1)", but it returns -1.
The API offers get_midi_config_var() so we should be able to do that BUT this API func is broken, unfortunately (always returns a null pointer, v4.5rc13). Note: you can't use it directly from ReaScript as it returns an opaque pointer.

.. nothing to see, but about your screenshot: wow! it's a serious tool you made there, kudos spk77!
(good to see that!! frankly, function export was a bummer to do, esp. on OSX.... I was like "Why the hell!? Only one ultra hardcore geek will use this… in 2055!" so it great to see it IS actually used, and greatly used! And by a few other ReaScripters too! )
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