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Some bugs in Media explorer. (These are old but I report them here because another Media explorer bug was fixed in this release.)

Insane tempo detection in some samples. The result is that file playback stops (time value still moving?) when "Tempo match" is on.

Audio playback stops randomly when "Tempo match" is on and "Start on bar" is enabled. See LICEcap at time 0:25.
Looks like tempo is not accurately synced to arrange view. Thus, sometimes Media explorer misses the start of bar and has to wait for the next bar.

Also please consider fixing this old issue:
Originally Posted by fingers View Post
When you go to parent folder or pressing enter on a folder the first item in the explorer list is not selected so I have to select it with the mouse. This make browsing folders with the keyboard impossible.
Fixing that would improve Reaper's media explorer immensely.

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